Control panel

Control systems usually go by unnoticed, yet are crucial for a smooth process. They are available in many varieties, but are frequently unique in their build.

SPL is specialized in producing a control system that is manufactured to a specific need.


For example, for one of SPL contracts for the firm GTI Electro project SPL designed and manufactured various control-and PLC panels for the pump house “Buma” in Lemmer and pump house “Blocq van Kuffele” in Almere, the Netherlands.

This particular pomp house is one of the biggest in the world, measured according to the necessary pressure and capacity. The assignment encompassed the overhaul and renovating of the draining/discharge pump house. Our particular design allowed a 10% increase of the pump station’s capacity. In order to keep the overall energy usage low, an energy-saving driving system was selected allowing the pumps a driven directly by the motors without a gearbox.

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