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SPL offers a complete package of products

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Both standard panels and custom work

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An investment for the future

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Brand independent

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Neat and large testing- and production facilities (2500m²)

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SPL Quality

Long term relation

Service and support on location!

Production and testing facilities of 2500 m2

Panel construction and low-voltage systems

Panel building is a profession!
Medewerkers die klemmenstroken maken


SPL offers a complete package of products,
Designing and Testing ,
An investment for the future
Standard and also custom products


Product package

SPL has been operative in a very widespread arena, ranging from assembly of terminalboxes to a huge range of Low Voltage Panels since its conception in 1980.

Productie van een schakelkast

On location

We offer our services on location. Our staff is active both nationally and internationally. Al our employees possess VCA full certification.

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SPL is one of the biggest panel builders in the Netherlands. We are 'Inspired by your business!'.

Welcome to SPL!

Why SPL? Well, as a business it is usually easier to communicate with a straightforward and simple name. It is even easier when the company name incorporates/includes the owners own name, making it personal. Even easier to remember are abbreviations which is why we decided to go by SPL (SP Low Voltage Systems), which directly informs who we are and what we do. For our English speakers, this translates to SP Low Voltage Systems

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Paneelbouw van SPL

SPL Quality


A sustainable and responsible undertaking:

Protecting our environment (hot issue in the present day and age) is a responsibility SPL takes to heart. All our internal waste is separated into its own category, recycling what we can, and is picked up by specialized waste companies to be disposed.


Safe workplace:

Whether within the company building or on location, a safe working environment is crucial to any smooth running business. SPL takes safety very seriously and uses the VCA* Certificate as guidelines. Every one of our professionals have obtained a VCA VOL. VCA stands for VGM Checklist Contractors (VGM = Safety, Health and Environment).


NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1 - Low-tension standard:

All our panels are built according to the low-tension norms stipulated in NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1.

The reoccurring questions of grounding and short-circuit proof outputs are answered and clarified with SPL low-tension norm.