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NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1 - Low-tension standard:

All our panels are built according to the low-tension norms stipulated in NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1.

The reoccurring questions of grounding and short-circuit proof outputs are answered and clarified with SPL low-tension norm. Naturally, we also implement solutions that are specific to a customers own standard, as long as they adhere to regulations. SPL is your partner in finding the perfect solution for you.

Building types:

Low voltage dividers come in many varieties including difference in embodiment. SPL builds low voltage dividers in the categories building type 1 (no internal protective shield/barrier) to building type 4b (complete compartmentalization).

SPL uses the Rittal Maxi-PLuS concept for the dividers for building type 1. This is a type-tested solution for dividers up to 3200A with a nominal short-circuit proof out let to 55kA (lcw) and a shield class up to IP54 .

When building type 2-4b is needed, SPL uses a type-tested RI4Power system, in partnership with Rittal Maxi-PLuS. This particular Rittal concept is a ready-made output system for voedingen up to 4000A with a short-circuit proof output up to 52kA (lcq).

Both systems are available as 3- or 4-span  type and can be measured to an exact fit to all the big brand names: Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Moeller, Jean Muller, Terasaki etc.

SPL can create these dividers in a large variety of sizes and shapes. SPL uses Rittal ISV-systems for smaller divider systems.

Here too, SPL can create and engineer according to your specific specifications and wishes and can be combined to a smart construction.

SPL builds these different dividers in cooperation with Rittal as one of her certified panel builders, which again demonstrates why SPL is the “ideal partner” for you when it comes to building laagspanningsverdeelrichtingen. Moreover, we are one of the most knowledgeable and specialized professionals in the business concerning this particular product.

NEN-EN 60204-1

Besides the NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1 there are many more holding principals and standards that we adhere to during the entire process (engineering to production), such as the machinery guideline (NEN EN 60204-1). A monitoring system is not a machine, but it does monitor and steer machines that must live up to safety regulations.

The newest machinery guidelines no longer include the so-called “IIB-declaration”. In its place, SPL delivers a binding document claiming the panels were build in accordance with the low-tension standards stipulated in NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1. Upon request, SPL can supply documentation declaring all SPL built switchboxes are in adherence to regulation that may be necessary for CE-marketing.

Atex - Explosive-proof controls:

SPL is certified to handle and manufacture products destined for explosive sensitive atmosphere, for instance in a laboratory with highly explosive materials. Whether it be pressurised, …, increased security and/or intrinsic security SPL can manage to manufacture (though not cooperation with an external agency/company ) al your explosive-proof control systems according the ATEX guidelines:

ATEX 137                                 Guideline/Article 1999/92/EG

ATEX 95                                   Guideline/Article  94/9/EG

NEN-EN-IEC 60079-14          Electrical installation designing

NEN-EN-IEC 60079-19          Repair, revision and innovation of materials

NEN-EN 13980                       Potential explosive atmosphere

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Building for the North-American market can be a real paperwork nightmare for many people. SPL, however, is experienced building according to UL. UL can advise how to rebuild European designs so that they fit a UL-accepted product.

The following will provide some information and insight in the how the UL-standard came about and the quality of UL-listed products.


In 1871, Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America was completely destroyed by a fire. Considering the magnitude of the fire the death count was remained relatively low (200-300 people). The investigation that followed determined that there was an undeniable link between electricity and the fire. This investigation led to new regulation that would prevent future fire outbreaks.

This new regulation is what we have to deal with if a new switchboard is produced destined for the North-American market (The United States of America and Canada).

Logo and branding

The UL-logo (see above) stands for “Underwriters Laboratories” and its origins go back to that Great Chicago Fire.

UL has the highest standard in the world. It is not always necessary to have such high standards,  but if a switch box is UL-certified, it will be accepted worldwide without question.

UL knows a few markings , namely the “UL-listed” marking and the “UL-recognized” marking.

The UL-listed marking is given to completed products, such as the switchboards of a machine, but also to independent products such as power grids.

Lloyds Register en ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)

When it comes to building and or developing panels for the maritime industry Lloyds Register and ABS are the standing legal guidelines that are used, resulting in an in-depth research platform with strict regulations. The responsibility for the correct of legal regulation lies with you, the client. However, SPL can play an important role in helping you meet these responsibilities giver our vast experience in this area.


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