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SPL systems have been used for years in different capacities, including drinking water, industrial water and disposable water. SPL plays a very important role to her clients. SPL has been able to finish many projects in this particular sector. Control panels and low-voltage dividers for mills, locks, dams, AWZIs and RWZIs.

We manage the process.

SPL is a brand- and system independent panel manufacturer in a very demanding market. The Water sector is a market that has used our services for years. We can be your partner in it.

Among some of the products that SPL (co)designs, builds and assembles are power supply grids, steering panels and command consoles. SPL also manufactures lighting- and security systems.

SPL is specialized in projects for pumping stations, and locks for a variety of clientele among which the reputable The Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland and Waterschap Hollandse Delta. They both are responsible for water control in their respective areas in the Netherlands. Durability and quality are vital to a successful operation.



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