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The beginning:

Scholten Panelen in Loenen

Gerrit Scholten founded Scholten Panels, now SPL, in 1982 in Loenen (Gelderland). He initially worked for a firm called Thijssen where he accumulated many years of experience in the field of panel control systems. When Thijssen decided to close down the department, Scholten continued to work in the field. Within 5 years, Scholten Panels had built its own name and reputation with its own clientele.

Aside from the ‘standard education’ and degrees in the field of (VCA), including those degrees in the field of equipment licensing according to the NEN 3140, SPL also was accredited the very acclaimed ISO 9002 in 1997 and upgraded to the ISO 9001:2000 in 2002. With this, the total quality and relations between people, production method and product are secure/safe housed.

SPL has grown into a highly certified manufacturer of commanding consoles, low-tension panels and desk-utilities and industry. In the past years SPL has accumulate a vast amount of experience and can virtually deliver any type of switchbox, control panel, and/or low-tension panels/divider, including varieties that are not sold on the general market. These panels vary in size from very miniscule to very large with a maximum voltage/tension of 69OV and current till 6300A.

The panels are produced from steel plats, stainless steel and synthetic materials for interior- and exterior design. Scholten Panels is accustomed to work according to the specific demands and requirements of the client within the known boundaries that have been stipulated and confirmed between SPL and a client. In addition, on request SPL will conduct a final inspection of the developed panels on location as well as help with the assembling of the purchased panels. SPL personnel will comply with the guidelines set forth by the VCA.

In 2003, SPL initiated collaboration with Rittal B.V. as one of the certified Maxi-PLuS developers in the Netherlands. This gives you the possibility to put together a low-tension divider/panel up to 6300A that fits your specific needs completely independent of any factory make of materials. Our experience with different Maxi-PLuS systems enables us to show our clients a very wide range of possibilities. It is understood that alternatives such as Motor Control Centres (MCC) are also possible.

SPL has been a reliable and dependable supplier and manufacturer for national and international clientele for over 30 years. A solid organization with 30 of some of the best-educated and motivated employees, control panels and low-tension panels of the highest calibre are situated ready to cater to your every specification.

In 2007, SPL moved its main offices to a magnificent building with more than 2550m2 floor space that includes a substantial testing department. After our final tests, checks and examinations of the products we encourage our clients to take their new products for a spin / try out their new merchandise for complete satisfaction.


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