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Electricity is a part of our daily lives, at least according to the company TenneT. Without much thought, the flip of a switch turns on a light, gets the coffee going and starts a computer. However, it is not something that should be taken for granted. The Netherlands has a very economical and functional system for their electricity supply. The demand for electricity in the Netherlands has increased in recent years. The liberalization in the energy market has resulted in energy being transported from farther distances, which has increased the need for transportation. At the moment, the Netherlands northern is at her maximum capacity when it comes to transportation. There are requests for additional centres to be built and durable energy is increasing in its production. Without new connections  there will not be any transport capacity possible for these new centres, explaining whey expansion for high-voltage electricity networks is necessary.

Energie industrie paneelbouw en laagspanningssystemen

TenneT is the electricity transport operator in the Netherlands, and SPL works directly but also through her partners to deliver security panels, low-voltage panels and Telecom panels for various 380 kV projects that concern the electricity supply and provision in Northern-Netherlands. TenneT continues to support and sponsor continual development within the electricity market for continuity and improvement.
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