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Long term relation

Service and support on location!

Production and testing facilities of 2500 m2

We understand Infra-technology!

In today’s economy, a dependable and durable system is of vital importance. SPL systems are of the highest calibre that guarantee years of carefree … Every detail is handled with the greatest care and each product is tested and checked vigorously before leaving the workplace.

 We manage the process!

SPL is a label-and system independent panel developer in many demanding markets, among which include infrastructure, traffic management systems and security. Inadvertently, we are (your) partners with many different branches.

In this capacity, SPL (co)designs, develops, manufactures and installs/places for these different branches; Switching boards, control panels, control rooms- and control desks also and switchboxes, lighting-and security systems, and mobile control units.

SPL specializes in projects for:


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