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Production and testing facilities of 2500 m2


SPL strives to give durable and cost-efficient advice to her clientele to achieve the best possible final product. SPL manufactures switch- and control panels as well as low-tension dividers/panels, pneumatic and hydraulic panels.Virtually all SPL products are unique in that they are manufactured to each client’s particular needs and requests. Our clients are predominantly branches in the industrial markets such as machine industry, petro-chemistry and “heavy” industry.


SPL offers her clientele a high standard of service. She designs and builds operating control panels for electronic technology with 30 highly qualified employees. SPL works closely with local governments, energy companies and end users that operate in numerous different areas and branches. A sound financial foundation and clear vision for the future are factors that ensure continuity within our company. SPL wants to optimize and expand in three major areas within the company, mainly the manufacturing process, quality and continuing to further specialize our personnel in a field where technology is constantly changing and improving. Service and quality are our specialty, but our involvement and team spirit—where creativity and initiative are constantly present—, flexibility and client-first attitude offer a dependable and reliable partnership to all our clients.

Norms and values

Working together makes a team!

In today’s society direct contact or “less bureaucracy” are crucial to meeting everyone’s expectations and wishes. SPL staff has a client-focussed attitude, will call you directly when warranted and are always available for any questions and/or any problems that may develop. Our personal approach establishes and encourages a partnership between SPL and her clients. People who work together are a team, a team built on respect and honesty. These norms and values are the foundation upon which we work and do business…

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